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Samsung as we Know Them

While not all of their ideas have been groundbreaking, some have been successful. Their Galaxy smartphones continue to push the markets, and their televisions help the push.

Overall, they are a company that many of us know in one way or the other!

How They got Started

Basically, they weren’t always an electronics company! They took a little while to enter the field, and then they became a success.

It turns out that making TVs and appliances ended up being a great success for them. Colored TVs also helped them to grow as a company. But they continued to offer other appliances and devices as well. Their company grew and now they are the Samsung we all know and love (or hate!).

Taking a Look at Their Environment Impact

Samsung is a company that also strives for improving our environment. They have reduced GHG emissions, and they also focus on improving energy efficiency. GHG refers to greenhouse gas emissions by the way! So it’s a good thing to reduce.

Even if you aren’t into helping the environment, energy efficiency is a plus! This means that your electric bills get cheaper and devices should hopefully last longer. We all know smartphones could use some help in that department, since they never seem to have enough battery power.

Where Samsung is Currently

It’s important to take a look at them and what they currently have. Creating a foldable smartphone was no easy step and I’ll explain in detail below.

Their company builds a lot of different appliances. They have a lot of research and development happening and you probably noticed this with their Galaxy smartphones.

Samsung is a company that is continually growing! Their stock price is much higher than what it was in 2014. They have had a couple small dips, but they’re a success as of this moment.

The Struggles of Making Flexible Displays

Focusing on the difficulties of creating a flexible display, pixels have to remain flexible. Clearly they aren’t naturally bendable! It’s about getting a surface that allows the screen to flex without distorting or damaging components.

It’s a struggle in other areas too. A larger screen means more battery draw, not to mention it becomes thicker when you fold two screens together. Yes it’s one big screen, but you are folding it which increases the thickness!

However, instead of outright judging it, I think it’s important to understand how great this is. Samsung made a device with a flexible screen! That’s amazing in itself given that many companies are still experimenting with it.

Fail or not, it’s a great way to be innovative.

Taking a Look at Their Televisions

8k TVs are great, but I think their improvement on the technology in general is better. LG gets some credit because they helped to push Samsung to make OLED TVs. This was to mostly keep out competing companies from China. Truthfully, LG and Samsung have teamed up and competed on a variety of things!

Taking a step back, Samsung TVs are remarkable. They really pushed the smart TV market and added clarity. They’ve developed their own versions of the technology to improve color. There is a lot being done in this field.

Where Samsung is Heading

Samsung needs to keep pushing forward. Their foldable smartphone may not sell a lot, but it got people to notice. Awareness is key when a new technology is entering the market.

They’re also working on improving their devices to be cleaner and more efficient. They have goals set for 2020, to improve energy efficiency by a lot! You can scroll to the bottom of “ this “ page to learn about that. Samsung explains the details a bit more on that link.

More than likely we will start to see smartphones and computers merging. Once companies like Samsung master flexible displays, smartphones will become more like tablets. Let’s hope this is true in the future!

A Quick Note About Samsung and Google

This is just another example of how large tech companies need each other, and how much Samsung and Google benefit working together. I mentioned LG above, but truth is, they are a company that partners with several!

This also helps them to innovate by not having to create their own operating system. It’s just a quick reminder that even large companies rely on others!

Ending Comments

Innovation isn’t always apparent but we often don’t look at what it takes to build a new device. Samsung innovates in nearly everything that they do. We may not see it today, tomorrow or ever, but they do a lot of work behind the scenes. In fact, a lot of our favorite devices get some parts from Samsung! It’s just something to think about.

What Samsung products have you used over the years? Do you think they are heading in the right direction? Leave a comment below!

Originally published at on May 3, 2019.



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