How to Make a Strong Password Easily

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Getting Started

Learning how to make a strong password is very important. Have data to protect? Have an online bank account? Yeah, you need a strong password to go with it! Hackers are always trying to get your information no matter what time of day it is. More often than not, people use passwords like their dog’s name or maybe their mother’s name. This is not a secure password at all! Social media is a great place for sharing photos and your stories, but hackers love them too. So let’s get started on learning how to make a strong password easily!

Choosing a Strong Password

As I mentioned above, you shouldn’t necessarily choose your pet’s name or anything that’s personal to you. But let’s say you can’t remember the password otherwise, then I will also show you that method too. Here are some tips to make it easy to know how to create a strong password!

  1. Choose a password you can remember or write it down, for your eyes only.
  2. Make sure the password is a decent length.
  3. Add unique characters, numbers or alternatives to the letters you used.
  4. Review your password and ask yourself if anyone else could guess it.
  5. If you are confused about the steps above, continue reading and look at the image below for a reference too!
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Taking an Easy Password and Transforming it!

As mentioned above, swap out certain letters with other characters. Let’s say your password is KittyMojo and you… what? Unlikely? Fine, let’s say your password is a cat’s name like Charles. What should you do to improve that password? It’s a bit short but first let’s swap some characters. Let’s make it Ch@rl3$ instead. See what I did there? the a is now @ and the e is now 3, and s is $. In most cases this would be a big improvement but it still lacks the length.

How to Extend a Short Password

Now, how to make a strong password with Ch@rl3$. When adding length I don’t typically suggest your birth year or details that are personal. But if you struggle to remember it then it’s alright, use a date that means something to you. Maybe the year the cat was born? You could just add some numbers like “19283”, but if you need it to be easier, try a year. So type in “Ch@rl3$2012” to add their birth year and to extend it.

Making a Password From Scratch

Alright, let’s say you are wanting a much more secure password. To make something unique that isn’t related to a pet name or a relative of yours. There are many ways to can do this, and I’ve seen it done in other places as well. Here’s a simple great “password generator“. But beyond that there are some simple methods as well. Follow these instructions below!

  1. Choose a phrase instead of a single word or name.
  2. Replace all common letters with a different character.
  3. Make sure it’s something you can remember.
  4. Try it out to see if you can learn to remember it.
  5. If the password is too long, write it down, preferably in a password manager.

After Following the Instructions Above

If you’re still have a difficulty understanding what I meant, I’ll explain it more here! A phrase can give you longer passwords. Instead of using a name try something like “ilovetechnology”. That isn’t a secure password but it is longer than a name. Next we swap out some characters and turn it into “1L0V3t3chn0l0gy”. Now we have a decently long password! Of course passwords can’t protect against everything, but it’s a start. Scams can still get the info from you.

Now That we Have a Great Password

Now that we know how to make a strong password, we have to figure out how to store it. Don’t write it on sticky notes, or place it in areas where people can get it. The best place is to keep it in your mind but that’s impossible. You can technically store it in a Microsoft Word document but if your computer gets compromised it won’t be safe. That’s why I mentioned password managers earlier as a way to keep track of them.

A List of Password Ideas

Here’s a list of some ideas to get you going if you are struggling. DON’T actually use any of these without modifying them, since they are listed on this site for reference only. You definitely don’t want to give away your password by choosing any of these, without adjustments. But here are some great phrases or words to get you started to make it into your own!

  • Techno Is My Jam.
  • Good Luck Breaking This.
  • Gotta Protect My Data.
  • Security Is My Friend.
  • Life Is Great For Me.
  • Everyone Loves Diamonds

Some Other Password Tips!

Learning how to make a strong password is great but never use the same password. Just because you made a strong password doesn’t mean you should use it in other places. Eventually someone might crack your password and then they will have access to anywhere else you used it! This is dangerous and also why I don’t suggest storing passwords in your own cloud storage. Storing passwords in your own cloud is useful but they aren’t protected or encrypted like password managers. Basically, don’t reuse and don’t store them in your own cloud storage!

Summary of Tips

There are several ways to make a strong password and I probably missed a few of them. But by following these tips you are going to protect your data better and reduce your risks! To summarize everything on how to make a strong password we follow a few things. You select a name or phrase, replace letters with other characters and make sure the password length is decent. Some websites suggest 16 characters to make a really strong one, and you can if you want to. I’d suggest you choose a decent length and modify it. Hopefully this helps and thanks for reading! Please leave any comments or suggestions here or below!

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I'm a writer, blogger, technician and software developer. Writing is my passion that I do on the side. I love all things technology.

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Brandon Santangelo

Brandon Santangelo

I'm a writer, blogger, technician and software developer. Writing is my passion that I do on the side. I love all things technology.

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