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The Struggles of Being a Leader

We’ll be focusing on how Intel adapted to holding the largest share, and how it helped their company!

Intel Doesn’t Innovate When Left Alone

This was the case for most of the last eight years or so. AMD failed to provide competition which left Intel free to slowly innovate. Time is a very bad thing for a tech company!

Innovating can Come From Competing

We started to see performance jumps that we haven’t seen in a long time. The new products arriving to the market became game changers for both consumers and professionals. This was a very good thing!

Intel Isn’t a bad Company!

This is why we have a slowdown in progress, whether it’s Microsoft, NVIDIA or Intel doing it. They all need competition to strive!

How we Respond to Monopolies

While it’s true about monopolies crushing competition, that’s not in every case. But we did start to see some of that with companies that make processors.

Intel’s Solution to Avoid Criticism

Between AMD and Intel we see around a 20%/80% divide, workable to avoid criticism! They thought they could slide by holding most the market while keeping consumers happy and it worked (for a while!).

This was a great method to keep legal battles away while profiting. However, the lack of a threat slowed their progress and that’s where they failed!

Criticism for Slow Progress

This was great for consumers who wanted choices but not so great for Intel. They lacked a product to compete! This left many consumers criticizing their approach.

It tends to look bad when a larger more successful company gets beaten with less funding!

Firing Back at Competitors

Not only do we see completely new products but several are being released in a short period of time.

Why Companies Should Help Each Other

While we see those two companies working together to produce a product, we also see advancements being made at the same time. It’s great for everyone!

Just imagine a world where all tech companies brought their ideas together! It would be the start of a new generation that we haven’t previously seen.

Understanding the Balance for Profit

Do you eliminate your competition but then accept the penalties? Should you even take that risk when the legal system prohibits it in some cases? These are serious issues that consumers are usually indirectly involved in.

We all want innovation but that requires a certain amount of funding or market domination. It’s a struggle that impacts what we pay for what we get!

Why we Should Respect Their Difficulties

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As I mentioned above, they need to make money. I’m not saying that we should go out there and accept everything a company says. Obviously, charging us for old technology because of a lack of competition, isn’t the right approach!

We should try to respect the difficulties they face because someone has to take the criticism. There is a risk when funding and researching something that might not pay off!

We should have understanding but also reasonable objections to unfair pricing. Companies should also understand that not everyone is rich!

Competition Helps Everyone, Including Intel

Ultimately, choice as a consumer is important. Having variety in what we can purchase allows everyone to benefit. This is a good thing!

Some professionals may want $1,000 processors, but some people only want to spend $150. Neither choice is wrong, but we need competition to get more performance for our dollars spent!

Keeping Hope for a Better Intel!

Originally published at on June 1, 2019.



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