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Penny Stocks Are Too Easy to Manipulate

Penny stock alerts are a scam not because they help to give you an insider tip, but because of the ones who create the tips. Because penny stocks are cheap (hence their name “penny stocks”), they allow larger companies to manipulate them. It’s much easier to buy thousands of shares of a small company than it is to buy a thousand shares of Microsoft.

It’s detrimental to smaller companies that are starting out when a larger company uses them as a manipulative tool to make quick cash. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t use penny stocks. …

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An Artificial Intelligence That Learns

Artificial intelligence has long been something that needs constant improving. Whether it’s the games we played as a kid or our smartphone voice assistants. AI is basically used almost everywhere and machine learning is the next big thing to already happening!

Years ago we referred to artificial intelligence or AI for short, as something that was smart. Truthfully, AI was initially just a set of instructions or code that would be used to guide game opponents or other somewhat aware objects. They were anything but smart and they were plagued with flaws. …

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Slow Internet is an Agitating Problem

The problem with slow internet is that it can be caused by one of several issues. Sometimes your internet connection might also be intermittent which can make it harder to find the cause. In this guide I’ll show you how to test a slow internet connection and fix some common problems!

Is Your ISP The Cause?

This one is fairly easy to test. While none of the below methods can absolutely guarantee anything (due to the complexity of some networks), in most cases we can figure this one out!

Your internet service provider, or ISP for short, can often have an impact on your speeds…

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People are Indecisive

The human element and AI don’t always mix well together. It’s not always a bad thing that we don’t know what we want at times but AI can’t work like that. We are continually striving to create something that thinks like us, but better. However, there’s a problem with this way of doing things!

If we have a mere moment of indecisiveness it can create a void in the way that we want an AI to think. As many scientists and companies strive to create realistic artificial intelligence, they are also incorporating some of our own flaws.

Here’s my opinion…

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Artificial Intelligence Shows Promise

AIs are smart, but are they smart enough to trust in self-driving cars? That’s the question that many automakers ask themselves. As we see companies like Tesla push the envelope we are often left with a lackluster feeling.

Yes, some cars can drive themselves but no you can’t trust them. It seems to be the problem that self-driving car manufacturers put out there. This is also interesting given that Tesla currently offers the self-driving package at an expensive rate of around $7,000. But is it worth that cost?

AI is very promising especially as it gets smarter but is your…

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The Question of Buying New Phones

Recently I was asked the question “why do we choose to buy new phones if our old ones still work?”. It’s a valid question and one that deserves an explanation. But there are also several answers and several reasons to why you would buy a new phone. The question was towards smartphones but any cellular or even mobile device qualifies.

To answer this question I’ll tell you some of the reasons that are the most popular. So without waiting any longer, let’s get started!

Smartphones Lose Their Battery Effectiveness

As a simple rule to follow, smartphones start to lose their battery capacity after a year…

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What are Affiliate Links?

Before I get into the problem around affiliate links I want to make sure everyone understands what they are! Affiliate links allow people who make recommendations to get a little payment for referring people to other websites or products.

The person using the link will put it on a product they want you to try or maybe a website they are telling you to visit. Ads work in a very similar way. If you are on a website and see an ad for something you like, by clicking it you are typically giving the site owner a couple pennies.


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Three Similar but Different Scams

Scams have been around for a while now but that doesn’t mean they’re obsolete. And unlike some lower end credit scams, these ones are adapting faster. With how quickly the world is changing with technology, laws and policies, it’s very easy to frighten people! The three scams I’m focusing on today will all relate to your computer and/or phone.

These scams try to scare you into giving money because they use the IRS, immigration and guilt. How they talk to you will also vary depending on which one of these three scams they are using on you! …

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AMD is a True Competitor

With so many processors releasing lately, it’s hard to deny that AMD is causing waves! But with all of that competitiveness, many are asking the question if or is Intel still in the game? Have they lost or have they given up?

As much as it’s great that AMD fans are finally receiving products that are competitive, Intel has also been battling it out.

AMD Pushes for More Cores

Part of the reason why AMD has seen a drastic change in their recent success, can be due to their high core counts. …

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eCommerce is the Future and Now

Before we get started into what causes eCommerce scams or what problems affect everyone, it’s good to know what it means. Overall eCommerce encompasses a large area of the internet. It’s those sales online, profits and ultimately it just means transactions made over the internet.

It’s constantly growing and as more people buy online there is a growing risk of scams. What’s interesting is that these scams are being performed by fake eCommerce companies just as much as the people buying the merchandise. Both consumers and businesses are getting scammed and here’s why.

Selling Online Isn’t Always Easy

Yes, we love shopping online. In fact…

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